IN PLAY ATHLETICS is the latest sports luxe activewear for workouts, running, yoga, and all the other ways you play. It's all about combining badass performance workout gear with stylish streetwear.


We were inspired by the need for luxurious, contemporary athletic apparel that fit flawlessly, and was also technically sound. We combined our passions for fashion, fitness, and golf to create a brand that empowers women to perform, & looks chic in the streets.


We dress the woman who speaks her mind & personality through her clothing, and who knows her edgy side should never be left out or forgotten. Every woman deserves to feel as beautiful & sexy on the outside as she does on the inside. We believe in creating thoughtful designs that can take you from the course, gym or studio, to the streets, dinner, or a night out on the town... all without a suitcase worth of wardrobe changes.


The hip lifestyle brand was created in Aspen, Colorado in 2011 by designer and creative director, Kalle Edwards. Our offices are based in Aspen, and so is our Customer Service. IN PLAY is proudly committed to supporting and creating jobs within the United States by manufacturing in sunny Southern California.


We strive to provide transitional gear that let’s you be comfortable and confident wherever life takes you, and For All The Ways You Play.


We love you, goddesses.

-Play On-